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Millions in use

Use Stud Hugger Clips to install commercial and industrial drywall. Perfect for Durasan® Prefinished Gypsum Board. No taping, joint compound or sanding required.

Millions of Stud Hugger Clips are now used with plain square-edge board or the assembly of “One-Day” partitions.  The system is used in many commercial and industrial drywall installations where move in time and/or price is the major concern. Stud Huggers allow Fast, Clean, One-Day drywall Installation.  The walls install without taping, joint compound or sanding.  The paint crew follows close behind the hangers (two coats wet on wet) and a beautiful wall is finished in less than One Day. (Margins on these jobs often exceed those of high end jobs)

Stud Hugger installation is Screw-Gun Fast and Tongue & Groove Easy.  Simply drive a few clips into each panel edge, erect and screw one side only.  Second panel clips slide behind without fasteners.  Installed clips deflect so panels Hug the framing under Spring-tension.  This hardware will never loosen or rattle with door slams or common wall partition abuse.

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Truss Floater™ Brackets

Millions in use

Note to Wood Truss Guys!

We’re not wood framers, we’re drywall installers (Rockers) and we breathe gypsum dust not sawdust.  In the late 70’s it was proven Truss Uplift was separating (cracking) our taped ceiling joints.  We had nothing to do with it, but guess who had to fix it? again and again at no charge!  In response, we invented and produced the Truss Floater™ Bracket that allows the truss and the drywall to FLOAT, eliminating floor or ceiling separation.

We don’t like to brag, but thousands of homes have been protected by using Truss Floater™ Brackets without a single ceiling joint crack reported.

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Backer Springs

Millions in use

Backer Springs replace the third stud that obstructs insulation and can create a cold shaft in every corner.  The extra studs were never used before drywall and have been proven by (HUD-55) to add nothing to the structural value of the building.  The unnecessary framing simply adds a lot of extra cost to both builders and framing contractors.  Modern 2-Stud 'Floating' Corners will also prevent drywall cracks, mold and mildew problems.  This ‘Advanced Framing’ technique has been proven in the new Building America Initiative, a nation wide demo program spon-sored by the Department of Energy and the new National Renewable Energy Laboratory directed by the Building Science Consor-tium.  This modern (2-Stud) framing method is rec-ommended and specified by every authority and code in the building trade.

Sharp Talons grip the wood framing and lock on without nails, tools or skilled labor.  They eliminate many corner studs and deadwood ceiling backing and install at half the cost of any other backers.

Stud Claw hardware requires no nails, tools or skilled labor.  They are the fastest installing drywall backers, by half.

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